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LocalBlock is a secure private environment for neighbourhoods.
The easiest way to find out what’s
happening around you.

Local, secure and private

Each member on LocalBlock must use their real name and verify their address, so you can trust who you are sharing information with.

Your LocalBlock account is password protected, and we will never share your information with third parties.

Talk to your neighbours

Discuss nearby events, crime, issues and how to improve your neighbourhood.

Find the best plumber in town, a trustworthy babysitter or a reliable house keeper.

Need to borrow a ladder, ask your neighbour on LocalBlock...

Report issues

Report crime, service delivery issues, suspicious activity and much more.

Discuss issues with your ward councillor, crime with your neighbourhood watch and ideas with your neighbours.

Connect your LocalBlock neighbourhood to our control room software that provides crime prevention and analysis tools:

Create groups

Create local groups based on where neighbours live.

You can create a group for your street, complex, building, school or neighbourhood watch.

Have a hobby or like running? Your neighbour down the street might have the same interest.

Discover more

Support local businesses on LocalBlock and find deals in your neighbourhood.

Sell unwanted goods to verified neighbours, find school tutors or a reliable babysitter right in your neighbourhood.

Join your neighbours on LocalBlock and start building happier and safer communities.

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